rc aerial cam demo reel

This one is certainly worth checking out for anyone that works with video. RC Aerial Cam has been capturing impressive footage from above for a while now, check out their 2016 Demo Reel they just uploaded in the video below. In the last few years “drones” seem to have become synonymous with aerial footage, but these folks prefer to use the term remote controlled UAV. Be sure to also check out their website for even more clips from their portfolio.

adobe character animator

Apparently this software has been out for a while, but I just stumbled upon it today. I’ve used other 2D animation software (and a little 3D), Adobe Character Animator definitely has some unique features other software I’ve used didn’t. One feature is the camera-responsive motion of the character. If you have the full Creative Cloud subscription or an After Effects subscription, this software should be available to you.


After finding that our snow chains from our previous SUV are too small for our Acadia, I checked Les Schwab’s website to see their selection of snow chains, they don’t seem to list them on their site, so it looks like I’ll be giving them a call. I did however, find some tips they have on Winter Road Trip Safety.

It definitely feels like winter this week in the lowlands of Western Washington with high temps topping out in the mid-30’s.


If you’ve ever done any work with a chromakey background (green screen or blue screen) you might have noticed some challenges with getting a clean extraction using various tools in Photoshop. There are a few plug-ins out on the market for sale, but EZ GreenScreen has a free version (no watermarking!) of their chromakey plugin for Photoshop as well as a more advanced, paid version. One corporate project I worked on a couple years ago, we considered purchasing a grey background (various extraction techniques in Photoshop can be easier with a grey background) in which we were going to photograph employees in various poses to add to our eLearning asset library. The company already had a green screen background, and after doing some testing with this plugin, we were happy with the results and decided to stick with the existing green screen muslin backdrop for the project.

The software is very intuitive and easy to use, I even had an employee training in only about 30 minutes to complete the extractions for the entire project. This person had no previous Photoshop experience, but was easily able to navigate through the software to perform the necessary extractions.

If you ever do still chromakey work and have been burdened by the extraction process, you might want to check out EZ Greenscreen, they also have a couple other software tools including a background generator.