Garbage Pickup (UPDATE)

Our local property manager Richelle will take care of trash every Monday when her team performs hot tub maintenance. Please reach out to her with any scheduling or access concerns, her phone number is 509-423-3365.

Hot Tub

Hot Tub Maintenance:

Richelle’s team will perform hot tub maintenance every Monday.

Cover Removal:

  1. Make sure all the straps are unsnapped.
  2. Remove the from most section
  3. Lift up on the middle section and let it fold back.

Replacing the Cover:

  1. The cylinder closest to the master bedroom door has a locking mechanism, slightly push this to allow the hydraulic cylinder to compress and fold the cover back down.
  1. Place the front section cover back on the hot tub and press down on the velcro to ensure a tight fit
  2. Re-install the straps

Game Loft


The pinball machine can be turned on with the switch on the right hand side that is below the “backbox” where the display and back glass are located. It is set up for free play, meaning you do not need to add any quarters to play.

Air Hockey

You can power up the air hockey by pressing on the button in the center of the power receptacle closest to where the cord is plugged in (there’s one for each side). Push the same button again to turn it off.

Racing Arcade

We’re working to put finishing touches on the cabinets, but everything is currently fully functional. Just push the power button on the Nintendo Switch which is sitting to the left of the steering wheels and the system (including screens will power up).

For a head to head match up, go into

One player will create a “Lobby” and the other will join to have both systems synced.

Complete these steps

Player 1 (from either cabinet)

  1. Have a player create a room and act as a lobby host.
    1. Start Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.
    2. From menu, select 1p Wireless Play. (If you choose 2p, it will have 2 players, split screen on the same system rather than allowing game play on both cabinets).
  1. Select Create Room.

Player 2

    1. Now, the second player will need to join the room.
      1. Start Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.
      2. From menu, select either the 1 or 2 player option next to Wireless Play.Wireless Play selected on the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe start menuWireless Play selected on the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe start menu, again be sure to choose 1p.
      3. Select the name of the host player, displayed under Lobby.
    2. Have the host select the game type and settings, and then start the match.
      1. After selecting their character and kart and while viewing the garage, have the host player press the A Button to bring up the game settings.

Billiard Table Conversion

The pool/billiard table can be also be used as a dining room table or a table tennis/ping pong table. Please be sure too put the table padding and cover on before using either of these to help prevent damage to the table. The padding and cover, along with the dining room table conversion are both located under the ladder of the west loft.

Murphy Bed


  1. Slowly, and carefully pull down on the handles.
  2. As the bed starts to come down, extend the foot bracket which will provide the support for the bed as it makes contact with the floor


Essentially reverse the steps:

  1. Begin lifting the bed up
  2. Fold the foot support bracket over the mattress
  3. Hold onto the handle and allow the bed to gently recess back into the cabinet

Deck String Lights

The string lights can be plugged in with the green extension cord and outlet that is behind the hot tub. We plan to get them hard-wired into a switch later.

Community Swimming Pool

I believe long term renters (31 days or longer) may have access to the swimming pool. They do have strict rules regarding access and I am calling to try and get information. The pool was just replastered and re-opened on Wednesday, June 12th. Colder weather delayed the plastering work, typically the pool is opened on Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day.

Streaming Service

We currently have Amazon Prime for streaming on both televisions, feel free to use your own account for other providers. Head north up Shetland from our cabin and you’ll find the closest one to our property. You’ll see a yellow fire hydrant and a trail sign for Vine Maple as you pass the neighbor’s property directly across from us.

Community Hiking Trails

There’s network of hiking trails through Ponderosa Estates.

Sledding Platform

With at least a foot or so of snow build up in the winter our sledding platform should have enough snow for sledding. The sledding path will need to be shoveled out and after a few runs down the slide the snow should start to compact enough to give some faster, longer runs.

Any Questions?

Hopefully this page was helpful, if you have any additional questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out!